Baden Bathrooms, Guildford – a Thomas Crapper retailer

 Pictured is [left-right] Jeremy Fennell, Owner of Baden Bathrooms, Ashley Wilson, Showroom Manager at Baden Bathrooms, and Paul Dwyer, Managing Director of Thomas Crapper.

Designing and installing some of the most beautiful bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites in Guildford and surrounding areas is Baden Bathrooms’ speciality and passion. Owner, Jeremy Fennell, with a 15-year pedigree as a plumber and bathroom installer, along with Ashley Wilson, know exactly what it takes to create functional, long-lasting and beautiful bathrooms for both the retail and interior designer markets.


In 2019, Baden Bathrooms became a high-street favourite in Guildford when Jeremy converted an old curry house, in a quirky 550-year old building, into the modern bathroom showroom it is today. Clients can explore a variety of styles from uber-modern to traditional and, of course, the suppliers have been selected from the very best in the UK and Europe today.  Quality and creativity are at the heart of both the product ranges and the service; while the personal touch, with time invested from the very beginning of a project to completion, is where Baden excels.


Thomas Crapper is a relatively new partner for Baden Bathrooms and is already making its mark as the clients’ go-to brand for innovation in the traditional bathroom; the portfolios are proving especially popular for wow cloakrooms where all house guests visit and the family’s personality can shine!


Pictured is the Thomas Crapper Harwood cloakroom basin.

Jeremy explains more, “We are fortunate to work in one of the most beautiful, and historic, parts of the UK. Not only is the Thomas Crapper bathroom range one of the most highly engineered and striking, the brand is specified to tip a wink to the age and history of the dwellings themselves. It’s a brand which hails from the 1800’s – with all the technology and quality we expect today. The famous high-level cistern, which can be customised in different colours and inscribed with family names (I P Knightly or Stay on Target are recent examples). This service is popular when a client is looking for a personalised, statement cloakroom. Blue and green are favourites and we are generally finding that people who visit boutique hotels, where the trend for the traditional bathroom is stronger than ever, come to us wanting that same look at home.”

“Thomas Crapper has everything we need to create such bathrooms and we do not need to introduce the brand! Everyone knows it. By looking carefully at the demographics of our target areas, we have noticed that the people who have saved on train fares and holidays during the past two years, are those who now want to invest in style in their homes – styles that they will see in pleasure destinations like hotels and restaurants when they are out and about again.”


Pictured is a Thomas Crapper bathroom display – low level 814 toilet set and the Bentham basin and furniture.

The personal service from the Thomas Crapper team is crucial to Jeremy and Ashley. Ashley comments “We know we can contact our key people at Thomas Crapper at any time – and directly. We have all the mobile numbers and, actually, they are part of our family now! Supply is smooth and dialogue is open at all times which mirrors our ethos with our clients.”

Paul Dwyer, Managing Director of Thomas Crapper concludes, “We choose our retailers carefully; we need to maintain our values and protect the successful, historic Thomas Crapper brand which has undergone a transformation to meet today’s demands. A prestigious high-street specialist retailer such as Baden Bathrooms complements our mission and we are delighted to have them on board!”



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