Thomas Crapper – a truly iconic British brand

Thomas Crapper is a luxury manufacturer known for high quality, hand-made products with beautiful traditional styling for bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites. It is an iconic British brand with a heritage spanning back to 1861 (that’s older than Marks and Spencer!)

Some people associate the brand with “just” WC’s; but the name spans so much more. Back in the day, Thomas Crapper designed the plumbing system which revolutionised bathrooms in England to what we know now. His mission was to provide well-made and luxurious products for people to enjoy for a lifetime meaning you only needed to buy once. This ethos is still in place today over 150 years later.

Thomas opened the world’s first bathroom showroom in Chelsea in 1870 where fully working lavatories were installed so customers could experience his latest invention in a “try before you buy” style. During the 1880s and 1890s, the company’s products were installed at various royal households up and down the country. The brand grew from strength to strength as it became the must-have system in all UK dwellings. The Chelsea showroom was even featured in Harold Pinter’s 1963 film The Servant starring Dirk Bogarde.

Thomas Crapper store and Dirk Bogarde

Pictured is Dirk Bogarde outside the Thomas Crapper showroom in 1963.

(Credit: STUDIOCANAL Films Ltd.)

Every Thomas Crapper product is still meticulously made today, not only for exceptional quality but with experienced craftsmanship too.

Today, Thomas Crapper’s ranges boast more than just toilets! Manufactured in the UK, the company is home to a wide range of products – from the iconic 814 cistern to the brand new range of beautiful furniture, a whole room can now be completed fully with Thomas Crapper. With finishes such as polished brass or forest green, the products are guaranteed to stand out.

The personalisation service has added another string to the brand’s bow. A customer can now have a cistern in any RAL colour they choose and also have a family name or witty slogan on the front – a truly bespoke toilet!

Customers can find Thomas Crapper products in bathroom retailers nationwide – which can be easily found here – and direct from the website.

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