Rowing across the Channel in a Crapper Bath!

An eccentric prize-winning stand-up comedian, Tim FitzHigham, is to ROW across the English Channel
in a copy of a Thomas Crapper bath, made of copper. He hopes to raise thousands of pounds for Sport Relief by rowing the Channel, then around the Kent coast and up the Thames to Tower Bridge. The craft is named ‘Lilibet II’ in honour of (and with permission from) H.M. the Queen.

Crapper & Co. are part-sponsoring the event and of course supplied the shower, bath taps, &c..
They also provided a plug-hole, but FitzHigham thought it might compromise the sea-worthiness of the
boat, so he stopped-up the hole with a useful compass!

Lilibet II was launched by none other than Thomas Crapper, a young descendant of the founder of the
eponymous firm. (An officer in the British Army, he was Captain Crapper until a recent elevation. Now Major Crapper, he said the promotion is especially welcome as his subordinates no longer dare show amusement at his name!).

Tim FitzHigham is stranded on shore for now, awaiting a break in the weather. When/if he reaches the mouth of the Thames, he will be joined by various Royal Navy warships, courtesy of an indulgent Admiral of the Fleet, which will escort him all the way to Tower Bridge.

The majesty of these Senior Service vessels will be in glorious contrast to Tim’s floating bathroom – Especially as the six-foot high shower with its huge 12-inch rose is attached to a bilge pump and will be spraying the brave pilot as he rows under Tower Bridge.

Warrick Knott, General Manager of T. Crapper & Co. Said: “People such as Tim FitzHigham made this country great!”

Post Script:- Tim tried to cross the Channel yesterday, but violent gales caused him to abandon the attempt, five miles from the shore. He will attempt the crossing again in 2005!

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