How to fix a running toilet

Is water constantly running into your toilet?

The sound of constant water running into the pan is not only annoying and a waste of money but also worrying that a bigger leak is on the way.

It is easy to spot when the valve is leaking badly but often a little seep can occur without being noticed. The best way to check if water is seeping through causing the noise is to dry the bowl of the toilet and then put a piece of toilet paper in the bowl somewhere above the water line. Then after a few minutes you should be able to see if the paper is collecting water and this is a strong indication that the valve is not full shut.

The running water is simply a function of the internal overflow mechanism in the cistern fittings, which cause water to flow back into the WC pan if there is a fault. An old set up may still have an overflow pipe protruding from an exterior wall but these are being phased out.

So, we can hear the running water and our paper test came back as positive, so we now know the valve is letting water seep through.

Thomas Crapper himself perfected the valveless waste preventer which is a syphon flushing valve which we continue to use today and negates the issues caused by modern flush valves.


We feel that this syphon operates on a fail-safe basis. If there is a fault, it will stop working, alerting you to the fact there is an issue. If the drop style valve fails, it will continue to allow water through it, going unnoticed for months, sometimes not until you receive a large water bill.

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