Go bold with brass from Thomas Crapper

Brass is one of the oldest, most beautiful, finishes for your bathroom fittings and accessories. To keep it looking tip-top and spotless, you’ll need to devote just a little TLC. If the finish is unlacquered natural brass, as Thomas Crapper’s is, it will need polishing and buffing from time to time. The ‘live’ nature of natural brass does mean that the beautiful finish will age gracefully over time to give an authentic patina. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and the different levels of each may lead to slight differences in this shading which, again, is perfect for the live, personal bathroom.

When buying brass items, or products described as brass, always check whether they are actual brass or brass-plated, and, if they are lacquered or unlacquered (which is sometimes referred to as live or living brass). Lacquered or plated brass finishes may cause problems over time, as the finish will come off through cleaning. Natural brass, on the other hand, can always be returned to a polished finish with a brass cleaner and a little elbow grease.

If you’re considering brass for your bathroom, choose Thomas Crapper!

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