Create the dream look with Thomas Crapper

Paul Dwyer of Thomas Crapper discusses how expert manufacturers can help you with inspiration in the bathroom

For everyone looking for inspirational ideas for a beautiful home (and who isn’t?), the market is bursting with great ideas, innovations, experts, products, technology; yet the multitudinous options can bamboozle the best of us! Try googling “gold tap” or “white bath” for example! Trawling the internet, with no clear guidance or advice, is not ideal so it’s great when we manufacturers and our retailers can help!

We, at Thomas Crapper, are known for designing and manufacturing statement pieces for the bathroom and cloakroom and we know that no one manufacturer can design everything for everyone. Coordination is key so we find ourselves giving advice on the whole imaginary scheme from the very start.

You don’t simply want a fab tap, or sink, or piece of art.  You can ask us – how can I make the whole look work? It’s not solely about textured furniture, personalised cisterns or wonderful wallpaper; what else should I be looking for? Choose a supplier who loves to help!

This is why we chose to include our “create the look” pages in the new Thomas Crapper brochure. 

We have seen these pages in the home-interest and fashion media and it was a case of why not? With these ideas, we can inspire and help browsers and buyers create a dream bathroom.

Alongside this, our bathroom roomsets do the same job. All our photographic sets are built as ‘real’ rooms, with walls, tiles, and paint etc., we never rely on computer generated images, so you really can get a feel for how your new Thomas Crapper bathroom might look.

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