Cloakrooms for Christmas!

Is the word Christmas being slipped into a few of your conversations lately?  This time it’s popped up for a worthwhile reason (not quite festive baubles and bubbles yet) – for Thomas Crapper to shout about the iconic cloakrooms!

People are already busy planning festive gatherings at home so it’s no surprise we want to dust off the good Champagne coupes and serving plates and ensure the house is in tiptop condition – but let’s not forget about the downstairs loo!

It is the one space that your guests spend time – and can have a quiet look around in judgment!! This is where candles may burn, literature (or cartoon books) be read and wallpaper/colours be diverse – it should be a veritable feast (*cough* Christmas reference) for the eyes!

What better way to express your home’s personality than by choosing one of the new ranges of Thomas Crapper closet suites?

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