Book: ‘In the Bath’.

This is the ridiculous story of the eccentric upper-crust comedian and ‘jolly good egg’ Mr Tim FitzHigham, and his epic attempts to row a copper Thomas Crapper bath across the English Channel. The authorities (especially those of the French) tried to stop him. Ultimately, they forced him to change the design from a lone bath to more of a whole bathroom, but he was doing it for charity (Comic Relief), and the more obstructive these mere ‘functionaries’ were, the more he was determined. We at Crapper & Co. were proud to sponsor him in this grand but idiotic endeavour. He was nearly killed during the first attempt (confounded by spiteful Eurocrats and one Hell of a storm) but the following year he succeeded.In-the-Bath 1-news-articles

Next, he navigated his ungainly and heavy craft around the coast of Kent and up the Thames to a hero’s welcome at Tower Bridge. In all, he rowed over 200 miles.

Please note: now out of print, but re-published (without photographs) under the title ‘All at Sea’.

“Tim FitzHigham only exists because P.G. Wodehouse did not invent him first”.
Dave Gorman

“Tim FitzHigham is unhinged. He is completely without hinges”.
Eddie Izzard

ISBN: 97818480 90255

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